the untitled story. Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 : Misleading Thoughts

Vance stood there in sheer disbelief. Tears rolled down his cheeks and dropped onto the carpet floor. The news was like a drug, paralyzing his body as it made its way through his ears down to the bottom of his toes… The death of his pet hamster was like losing a part of him. A bit of him was torn away like.

Vance wished he could actually cry about a dead gerbil, rat, or whatever it was, Vance was definitely no expert at small furry things. So he scooped his hand into the cage and picked up the limp corpse of the gerbil/rat/hamster and sneaked outside where he threw it over the fence where his neighbors dog would have a small treat waiting for him. He sneaked back into the house and casually shouted out “Whoops their goes my hamster” before heading back upstairs to his room, before he got to the door the reply came “oh okay”. Vance had presumably “lost” every single hamster his uncle Bob gave him every Christmas. This year he was even hoping for at least a shirt or something. But what he didn’t expect was when his father burst through the front door screaming, “GILBERT WAS MURDERED”. Now THAT was not what Vance Expected.

Chapter 2 is W.I.P



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