Short Story.

Written for English Assesment task, inspirtaion is mainly from Roadside Picnic a novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and it’s video game adaption S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Of Chernobyl and the games following prequel and sequel Clear Sky and Call Of Pripiyat.  Well that was a mouthful, anyway here’s the story :D,

This is the first half.

The great buildings of Melbourne city looked pretty bleak now, windows smashed, broken lights, furniture littered all over the place, and most of all.. they were abandoned. I was used to city life, buildings bustling with activity, people walking the streets hurrying to do whatever they had to but I guess that was about 3 years ago.. Now the streets were empty, cars left behind in the parking lot as the people tried to flee.. When the first anomaly hit federation square, the people thought it was a work of art, a illusion, a advance in 3d technology (it was the rage all those years ago, ah 2010 a year of disappointment to the elderly) but rather, it zapped everyone in a 1km radius, the ear splitting noise shattering windows as people fled, some managed to drive away whilst others dived for cover, but not many people made it. Soon enough the city was barricaded with no one allowed inside and even till today 3 years later the only way in was by infiltration and not many can achieve such a feat… And that’s why I’m so special.

Ah I was wasting time, so I quickly hurried my pace down the bleak streets looking for what I came for and that definitely was not sightseeing.

I ran up the steep hill, many of the signs were defaced after the anomalies hit. Funny if you think about it, buildings would only have eroded walls, broken windows (the furniture was the product of the fleeing people) yet all signs, traffic lights and parking metres were smashed into oblivion. Ironic isn’t it? Machines trafficking law were the ones to get hit the most.

There were low chances that I would find arteyfacts (as I call them, mainly because a majority of them resemble gems of great beauty) within the buildings, but rather in large open spaces, I was sure to have a lot of competition but the rewards outweigh the risks by a whole lot, you see arteyfacts are usually objects that are shaped in the most bizarre way and usually have a effect on people such as giving more muscular strength but there was always a catch, sometimes your eyesight would become worse, or maybe you cannot hear or even becoming colour blind was a common trait shared by the arteyfacts.  However scientists all over the country and even internationally have been paying large amounts of money, seems to me that someone is trying to strike gold and enter history by learning more about these objects of curious identity. No one really knows how they formed but theories exist of the arteyfacts being formed from decomposed material, namely corpses of human beings and other living things.  This could be true because some of them do feel all mushy and can be shaped… why don’t any artists don’t want this stuff? I’ve been thinking too much, I continued my hunt by scanning the horizon, I was near Botanic Gardens, the sight of twisted brown shapes and trees with their leaves stripped were enough. Or it could just be the fact how I read the massive sign on the front gate. Go figure.

I entered cautiously, obviously there was always the persistent threat of lesser anomalies that could fling me into the nearby trees, or maybe shocking me too death or even burning me alive. But the biggest threat was man itself (line was NOT stolen from cheesy movie I assure you). I wasn’t the only one who knows who to sneak past lazy authorities, there’s tons of different routes one could take to enter the abandoned city, guess they should make a big sign saying “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” or to make it more striking ,put flames, or maybe a giant mutant dog, or or.. GORJILLA (GODZILLA). The possibilities were limitless, but such ideas could only be produced by a genius like me, please no need for applause, but unlike me (who is so courteous and kind) these men were usually criminals risking life and limb to make a mark on this world. A dirty, brown stain mind you.


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