Carry On My Wayward Son Is best Song Evar.

Well not ever but for now it is my current number one. I like old songs to dem new ones =)


Fallout 3 Screenshots VOL.2

Yup heres another batch I recently took. Uploading was a pain so it took longer than anticipated. Anyways these shots are from The Pitt showing its destroyed beauty.


Pitt Bridge my guy!
The Pitt bridge, probably one of Fallout 3’s best landmarks I have seen.

Stepped on a mine and BOOM!
I sorta stepped on a mine and the results weren’t too good.. Good news is that I did not die and all I got was crippled legs and arms.. Maybe a head too.

Workin the the Pitttyard!
One of the first things you will see when you enter the Pitt. Pitt slaves hard at work, note that their skins are crackled and very similar to a ghouls. If you are wondering where the slave master is.. I sorta shot him in the head…(I beat the M.Q mind you)

Downtown Catwalks are bloody!
A argument gone wrong.

Midea !
One of the many plot vital NPCs. Midea is one of the first you meet.

Midea home and lab into one!
I won’t say much here as it most likely will by spoiler galore.. All you need to know is that THERE IS A BABBYY!

Fallout 3 Random Screenshots. VOL.1

I will be releasing random pictures from Fallout 3 at random times and put them in the Fallout 3 Screenshot Album category of my blog. Here is the first volume, feel free to use but please give credits.

The Wasteland in all it’s glory. My character is somewhere near the bottom, also you can spot tenpenny tower in the distance =).
Wasteland sexiness ;). Don't forget YOU CAN SEE TENPENNY!

Taking a power nap fir the ne-…..WAIT IM DEAD?!
Takin a good ol'nap!...WAIT IM DEAd?!?!

Anchorage begins…and Arcaus doesn’t look too pleased =)
Weeeeeeeeeee. Into Anchorage!

Over the shoulder view of the wasteland…
Yes Pretty..

WE WON DEBATING. Possible Chance Of Finals

Yup won my 2nd debate today. Epic win but got lowest score of 74 (other two team mates got 75..) because I talked for a fair bit (6 mins ) compared to my comrades. I anticipate for the next debate that I will talk alot less than I did this debate.

I would like to congratulate the Opposing Affirmative team since they had some very good pointz and gave a good fight! Hope you guys win your next debate..UNLESS YOU ARE AGAINST US AGAIN MUAHAHA. Cough cough cough =).

I also might not be in the next debate since someone else might take my spot but..that is unlikely HAHA. Or maybe I wal =).

ITS REVIEW TIME! Today…..IE 8 Review =)

FIRST sorry for the delay, got kinda busy.. Like getting back to Australia as a U.M (Unaccompanied Minor) and living in somewhere else that is not my home =(. So sorry and I will now get on with the Review.

Well first the appearance was.. not entirely diffrent to 8, it just has a more how to put this.. Blocky? Anyway here is a picture
IE8 Main Picture.. DO NOT LOOK DOWN. Diffrent muches?

Anyway nothing special about the looks the main thing about IE8 is the performance. Yes its alot faster and less buggy than 7 during my time with it, I could access all pages I visited without a hitch which was good and there wasn’t much performance drag/lag unlike IE 7 which went BANG every 5 mins . IE8 can use the same add-ons as 7 so it is versatile and ‘expandable’. Safety I am not so sure as I didnt do anything dangerous(:0)……………………………..Or did I??? TO THE INTERNET HISTORY :O :O :O
AHEEEEEEEEEEEEM. Anyways. IE 8 however doesnt really add anything really new and the appeareance could of been improved because It is starting to look alot like Safari or something which could be a future issue. (DONT USE SAFARI IF YOU USE WINDOWS AS THEY DO NOT MATCH…performance WISE).

IE8 is a impressive and a good addition to your browser collection..wait what?! You dont collect Internet browsers>? Such madness! You guys are weird….

IE8 IE fixes but does less than desired
SO overall I would give IE 8 a 8/10. (wow :O)