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Iron Grip Warlord

Heard of this game? Don’t worry I didn’t either if it weren’t for the miraculous steam, and bloody good thing I did because this game, namely Iron Grip Warlord is fantastic. Too bad I’m just about 2 years late =/.

I’ve just purchased it now, yea a bit late but I’ve been having a blast and looking forward to trying out new strategies every match. I’d highly reccomend this to someone who wants something unique, and fun to play. The indie developer Isotx of the MCE mod fame has done a great job.

With a price of $9.99 on steam (also available on Stardock and D2D) this game is worth every penny.

The game promise is simple, RTS and FPS combined into a sublime package.

I’ll probably do a review pretty soon but I gotta spend some more time with the game to get acquainted, if you want to play a multiplayer match with me my steam ID is

Crisis_j0k3r or Persona (on steam community)

Additional game information as follows >>>

games official website http://igwarlord.isotx.com/

games official forums are here http://www.isotx.com/hiveforums/ if you want to delve in and find out more.

Pictures courtesy of the games official website. I do not own the game or have helped develop it. I am just a fan supporting a indie game