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2010 – Australia gets R18+.

So many things are coming in 2010.. namely games.

Australia might be getting a R18+ rating and that is probably one of the biggest events of the new year mainly because it lets games come in uncensored, unedited and how they were intended to be this means we Aussies might be getting games like, this might make games harder to get for us younger looking teenagers that haven’t seemed to look any more different than we did 10 years ago we can still fool uncles, grannies and any relative into getting them FOR us ūüėÄ

  • Alien Versus Predator (Rebellion Developments), and most likely Aliens:Colonial Marines

Thanks To IGN for this GLORIOUS Picture. GAME OVER MAN

  • Possible uncensored copies of Left 4 Dead 2? Or fallout 3 GOTY edition, hell anything censored here

last but definitely not least..

  • SEXY POKER! (Wiiware) what can be said?¬†Definitely¬†looks¬†interesting¬†to me :D.
The Flop!

Look at all those people watching. Guess this is the main 'event'


So 2010 is definately a year to be remembered as to some might say



Games On On ATM

Heres a list of games i am currently playing.. At The Moment

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE (mmorpg)

Fallout 3 

Heroes V (and expansion packs)

Far Cry 2

Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)

Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2

The list may extend. Look foward for updates =)